What Is Automation In Email Marketing?

Have you ever sent an email to someone and responded automatically that you were out of the office or on vacation, right? Technically that would be an electronic mail, it is not what we understand as automation in email marketing, but it is an excellent example for you to follow it.

This technique in email marketing allows sending emails to users, according to specific time intervals (for example, every two days) or according to the interactions that users have made. We do it in response to those actions on the web, to other emails, etc.

These types of campaigns do not have to be massive they can be individual. You decide what email to send when a specific user performs a particular action. While you work, that email is sent.

You set the conditions, the workflows according to the chosen parameters.

For example, when a user registers, they can automatically send a welcome email, followed by a series of automatic emails explaining certain aspects. You can send these emails every certain day, previously programmed.

You can even configure that some emails or others are sent depending on how you have interacted with the previous ones.

Why Is It So Important?

The automation of emails allows to improve the CTR up to 119% and conversion rates up to 50 %. With these data, little more would have to be said, right?

If it is true that automation is not programmed and that’s it, seo adelaide suggested that we must analyze continually, think and plan very well each of the actions, the conditions of the campaigns, the workflows to take the user where we want.

But it is true that once this is done, and also if it is executed correctly, the time that can be saved is quite high. On the other hand, and as the data say, it allows to obtain better results in mailings since we send the user what he needs at that moment, we hit the nail on the head because for that shipment to be made there must be a prior trigger.